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Spousal support (also called alimony) can be awarded when one spouse earns significantly more than the other or other specific factors exist. An example of such a factor would be when one parent stays home to care for children in lieu of a career outside the home. Another spousal support indicator would be when the financially weaker spouse has continuing medical problems.

If you need help understanding whether you can get financial spousal support (alimony) in Monroe Louisiana, Law Offices of Richard G. Perque dba Quick Divorce Now can provide that help.

The person requesting spousal support should be able to demonstrate why he/she needs spousal support. If the parties are in disagreement on spousal support and cannot reach a negotiated or mediated settlement, a judge will determine if spousal support is appropriate in their situation, the amount and the duration of support payments.

Once you agree or the court orders spousal support, it is binding.

The court usually considers the following factors when granting spousal support: the spouses’ present and future earnings and their earning abilities; their health, and age; their efforts to become self-supporting; length of the marriage; their reasonable needs, including life and health insurance; their standard of living during the marriage; and their property and debt settlement as part of their divorce or legal separation.

Spousal support (or alimony) often goes hand-in-hand with child support matters.  Rest assured that Law Offices of Richard G. Perque dba Quick Divorce Now also provides child support services as well as child custody services and all other family law services. 

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Law Offices of Richard G. Perque dba Quick Divorce Now

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Many divorce attorneys in Monroe pay Avvo, Google, Yelp, Legal Zoom and many other lead-gen platforms to rank their paid ads higher in searches. They all bid up the cost of getting your case. That means whenever you hire one of those divorce attorneys, you pay Avvo’s or Google’s fee. The divorce attorney doesn’t pay that cost. YOU PAY IT IN HIGHER FEES !!

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Divorce referrals are good for everyone. The friend or colleague getting your referral has a good idea about how a lawyer will perform from someone who already knows. You get the satisfaction of helping a friend in need. And referral business is GOLD to divorce attorneys. It is the business they don’t pay anything to get. But they have to do a good job to get their former client’s referral business. And those former clients must have a way to get their referrals to the attorney.

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